Forestry Institute

Director: Prihod’ko Olga Yurevna, PhD

Address: 44 Bluher str., Ussuriisk, 692510.
Tel. 8 (4234) 26-07-13,

   Forestry Institute faculty consists of 35 teachers: 1 professor, 2 Scd, 18 associate professors, 16 Ph.D., one is Honoured forester of the RF, two Honoured workers of higher school, one Honorary worker of higher education, two full members of International Academy of Agrarian Education and one corresponding member of IAAE.
   Forestry Institute trains engineers of forestry by full-time and part-time tuitions. Annual enrolment of students for full-time tuition is 95 , for part-time tuition – 20 students. Besides the base speciality , “Forestry”, students can specialize in “Forest gamekeeping”, “Landscape design” and “Technology of processing and harvesting of forest products”. The training of students is realized by four departments: Forest inventory and forest management, Forestry, Forest culture and Forest gamekeeping.
   Graduates of the Forestry Institute work in Forestry and Forest Industry, in the sphere of ecology, settlements improvement and landscaping. The Institute prepared about 6000 specialists in forestry in recent 50 years. Teachers of the Institute published more than 400 scientific works, 10 monographs and educational aids, 100 workbooks.
   There is a Doctoral Dissertation Council here.
   There is also an Experimental Forestry Farm where students can get practical knowledge. Its area is above 46 000 hectares.