Tourist club "Dersu Uzala"

Head: Sergey Gomenyk


Phone: 8 (953) 203-58-99

Туристический клуб «Дерсу Узала»


The goals of the club:

  • formation of the importance of a healthy students lifestyle
  • development of sports, educational, spiritual, cultural and tourist needs

The tasks of the club:

  • - development a sense of collectivism
  • - involvement of students to tourism activities
  • - improving the physical culture level of the members of the club
  • - improving the tourist skills of members of the club
  • - providing opportunities to go on hiking trips
  • - increasing the image of the Academy through the participation of members of the tour club in various tourist competitions
  • - promoting the development of social and personal qualities of members of the tour club (self-determination, culture of behavior etc.)
  • - familiarity with the historical, natural and other features of Primorsky kray