Vocal studio «Nashe vremya»

Head: Olga Borisovna Amelchenko


Olga Borisovna Amelchenko

Phone: 89247259036

Goal and tasks of the studio:

  • education of spiritual, moral and creative personality based on the best examples of Russian folk folklore and national art;
  • gain of knowledge, skills and abilities in the genre of vocal and performing arts, development of creative abilities of the studio members;
  • increase the artistic and performing level of the studio members.

The repertoire of the vocal studio "Nashe vremya" includes different genres: pop songs, Russian folk songs (folk, stylized, Russian folk with a modern twist, a Cappella), music folk festivals. Over the years of its existence, the members of the vocal studio has achieved high results in its creative activities. Students take an active part in different festivals (from academic level to international). The vocal studio gas many awards of Russian festivals, Eropean countries and Asia.

Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday from 7.00p.m. to 8.30 p.m.